​​4 hours!. That’s how fast we can have data from your borrower files available in Encompass. 

Leverage the integration of VisiLoanReview with Encompass. VisiLoanReview ensures 30% faster loan disbursals, and reduces processing costs by 30%

Leverage the integration of VisiLoanReview with Encompass  Schedule Demo

The integration between Visionet’s VisiLoanReview and Encompass by Ellie Mae allows lenders to share data more efficiently and securely. VisiLoanReview can directly access the borrower loan documents within Encompass. The relevant data from these documents can be extracted, indexed, stacked, and classified for further processing instantly within Encompass. The entire process is automated and seamless, ensuring error-free operations. You no longer need to do unnecessary follow-ups with your BPO partners.

VisiLoanReview is built on a robust, enterprise-level architecture, and is ideal for any document-intensive workflow within the lending lifecycle, including loan setup, loan boarding, pre, and post-closing operations and audits. It uses AI/ML-enabled OCR technology to enable 30% faster loan processing while ensuring over 98% accuracy. It also helps you reduce processing costs by 30%.

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