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As wholesale lenders approve loans originated through third parties, they need a complete pre-funding underwriting QC to ensure that they are approving and funding only quality loans. Visionet’s Digital QC platform helps our wholesale lender clients achieve this goal. Digital QC offers a completely customizable platform ensuring a comprehensive pre-funding underwriting QC. The platform ensures that every analyst is able to follow the same QC process across the globe.

It tracks the analyst output in the background providing a mobile report every morning with a quick overview of the process. It also provides multiple other reports, which help our clients to monitor the performance of the team and plan appropriate training interventions for them.

Key Features

  • Machine learning based auto-indexing and book-marking
  • Auto Data integrity and Rule validations
  • Exception workflow handling
  • Integration framework
  • Modular checklist
  • Real time Trending Analytics
  • Auto Alerts and Notifications
  • Response Management

Business Benefits

  • Ensures Quality of Design and Quality of conformance
  • Audit Worksheet and Checklist are as approved by the client
  • Checklist can be embedded in the platform to ensure uniform usage
  • Powerful real time dynamic dashboard reports, with complete trending & analysis
  • Easy to prevent future defects
  • Improved clarity at Pre-funding QC level