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Visionet’s LoanVelocity consists of modular, white-labeled digital assets and mortgage origination services that help you leverage the mobile platform effectively to engage with borrowers and initiate loan applications. Lenders can now offer the flexibility to borrowers to apply for loans through a highly functional mobile platform. This way, their reach to borrowers is significantly improved and they are able to offer a significant differentiator to their closest competitor The solution can be white labelled and is currently available on Android and iOS. The solution also includes an omnichannel communications platform and top of the line mortgage outsourcing services to accelerate originations.

Key Features

  • Mobile document imaging: Scan and upload documents through mobile app
  • Pre-qualification: Check borrowers’ pre-qualification based on information provided by them
  • Application intake: Capture basic borrower and property information
  • Borrower coordination (omni-channel interface): Communicate additional documentation requirements and loan status back and forth
  • Analytics and reporting: detailed, fully customizable reports and dashboards

Business Benefits

  • Superior Borrower experience
  • Faster closing
  • Easy access to real-time information through the back end portal
  • Improves response time and conversion ratio with borrowers
  • Most scalable industry solution at the lowest cost
  • Offers greater transparency and visibility
  • Seamless operations
  • Extends reach to a large number of borrowers

With digitally powered mortgage services, Visionet helps mortgage businesses transform their operations and scale their business effectively. Visionet truly delivers digital disruption by offering ‘an industry first’ with zero cost digital technology… The digital solutions like LoanVelocity truly complement Visionet’s top of the line mortgage processing services.