CogniXL (previously known as VisiLoanReview) is a loan processing solution that leverages AI/ML-based OCR technology to deliver over 98% accuracy. This can help you speed up loan processing by over 30%. CogniXL can start delivering ROI from day one and has no upfront capital cost involved.

CogniXL leverages over a decade of product refinement and industry operations with hundreds of long-standing customers. Technologically, it uses the triple-pass methodology to strip and validate content using NLP, OCR and multiple big data stacks. The AI-based system further trains itself using Machine Learning algorithms to provide progressively accurate results.

Business Benefits

Reduced Cost

Reduce cost of loan production
by over 30%

Higher Accuracy

Over 98% accuracy with in-built
check-list based processing

Improved efficiency for MLOs

Process loans faster and improve engagement with borrowers

Integrated with LOS

Integrated with leading LOS
ensuring seamless data flow

Save Time

Reduced processing time per loan

Highly Scalable

Easily scalable to meet capacity
as per business requirements

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Success Stories

Transformation with CogniXL

Achieve over
98% Accuracy

AI/ML based document processing providing over 98% accuracy

Interactive QC

Supporting post-close and
pre-funding audits

Business Rules

8000+ customizable business rules
for underwriting support

BI Enabled

Advanced analytical reports
for strategic decision making

Industry Partnerships

Test Our Tool to Believe It

Within the Mortgage industry, originators need to process loans in bulk.
A proven AI/ML-powered OCR tool like CogniXL can do the job for you.
Send us up to 5 files & we will process it for you without any commitment.


CogniXL (previously known as VisiLoanReview)

Find out how CogniXL can save you 30% turn time while ensuring over 98% accuracy

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