NMP Insight: Predictability in Title Operations and Why It Matters to Title Agents

By June 17, 2019 November 14th, 2019
Title agents play a central role in mortgage transactions that happen across the nation. They are the go-to agencies for a variety of services related to title search, lien and judgment search, closing disclosures, etc.
With interest rates stable for a while, mortgage volumes seem to be reviving, both in fresh purchases, as well as refinances. Most title agencies, however, rightly choose to operate with caution. Staffing-up in anticipation of large order volume can be detrimental to a firm’s growth and viability as the falling margins do not provide any cushion for the lean season. Working with reliable third-party agencies to get the job done has become a de-facto standard. However, the quality, accuracy and timeliness of results must be owned by the title firms.