6 Ways to Reduce Cost of Loan Production by 50%

As a wholesale lender, how can you save processing costs and time involved? How can you save over 45% costs plus several more ideas discussed in the eBook.

Wholesale Lender - 6 Ways to Reduce Cost of Loan Production by 50%

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Today’s business environment of higher interest rates, declining loan applications, and higher cost of compliance is a challenge to all lenders. As a wholesale lender, when you do loan boarding and prepare the file for a pre-underwriting QC, there is a host of processing work that you need to complete. This can be expensive and can also consume a lot of time.

We thought of 6 ideas that the lender can think of implementing, which will give them quick ROI. Also, with no upfront investments involved, the lender virtually has no risk associated with these initiatives.

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What You Will Learn:

  • How you can speed up bulk processing and be 50% faster
  • Ensuring 99.5% accuracy
  • Using ‘Pay as you go’ to scale operations at reduced costs
  • Leverage tech from day 1 without any upfront costs
  • Building flexibility in terms of resources and licensing