How can Integrations and Ease of Use help Title Agents in Streamlining Closings

By September 7, 2018 November 22nd, 2019

In the title industry, you often need to work with multiple systems, that of the lenders as well as help your vendor partners organize the orders that they receive from you. All of this, if done manually will create chaos. It makes sense to have ready integrations to these different systems.

A lot of title agents also tend to use a title production platform to ease their challenges. The biggest thing you should worry about there is the ease of use and faster adoption of the platform by your teams. If that does not happen, the best of platforms will end up failing to meet your business objectives.

We list a couple of ideas, in which title agents can streamline closings in this post. For more details, download our eBook 8 Keys to accelerate and streamline your closings

1. Rich and Ready integrations
Seamless electronic integrations between platforms means data can be transferred between suppliers and requester systems without extra work or the risk of errors. It also means that title agents do not need to resort to manual means to transfer data between their systems and that of their suppliers/partners.

A good title production platform will offer secure integration to the right web portals to provide collaborative workflow for any size financial institution. Data is captured and retained in standard MISMO format to enable efficient system integration and provide a machine-readable loan archive and payload delivery to address evidence of compliance needs.

2. Intuitive and easy to use system, easy to deploy
One can easily become overawed by the number of features or functionality a title production platform provides. The most important point is that it should be intuitive and easy to use from day one. If your staff can start using it with minimal training, then you can be assured that the usage of the system is going to be high. That clearly solves the problem of system adoption. With most platforms, agencies will struggle against the adoption challenge as it takes so much time for most users to understand how the system functions.

Any viable title production platform should include solutions that provide these 8 keys for title agency success. Visionet created its AtClose platform with these factors in mind and so it sets the standard for agency efficiency.

We’d love to show you a demonstration of this platform, so you can see first-hand, the difference it can make in your operations . Call us today on (732) 334-0998 or send us an email for a no obligation web-based demo.


Alok Bansal

Alok Bansal

Alok Bansal is Managing Director of Visionet Systems Inc. and has 21 years of experience in managing strategy and global BPO operations. He excels in optimizing and leading the growth of financial services companies who are looking to take their mortgage operations to the next level.

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