Driving Faster Closures Through Loangility – Mortgage POS App on Salesforce CRM

By December 2, 2019 December 9th, 2019
Driving Faster Closures Through Salesforce CRM

Forbes describes the role of a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO)  as someone in a sales role whose primary job is to originate residential mortgage loans, educate the consumer and to help process and close the loan. (

It is clear that an MLO is a salesperson first and a loan approval chaperon second. Therefore, the MLO requires a tech tool that can help justify both the roles – as a salesperson and as a loan approval chaperon to merge sales with loan processing. Across the industry, sales are tracked on CRM and Loan processing has multiple steps, each performed on different tech platforms.

MLOs need a Tech Tool

MLOs need to meet their targets of not only soliciting loan borrowers, but also to ensure they apply, and then they need to maintain regular communication with the prospect/borrower during the entire process of application submission and processing. It is necessary to keep the borrower updated at every stage and close on any missing docs when needed. The end result may be clear to close or in some cases a rejection.

Digital Assistant for the MLOs within a native app on Salesforce

Time is a crucial factor that the MLOs are able to meet all their KPIs. What if the MLO can get a digital assistant who can clearly advise which borrowers are more likely to close, what kind of sales campaigns need to be run, which kind of messaging would get a greater response, which documents are yet to be received from a prospect. What if the MLO can verify the prospect’s info and credit on the go and run an AUS to help prequalify the borrower instantly and then submit all this data, after running a pricing engine, to the LOS. What if all of this can be done from within a native app on Salesforce?

Loangility a native Salesforce Mortgage Point of Sale (POS) app

With the launch of ‘Loangility’, a native Salesforce Mortgage Point of Sale (POS) app, Visionet is offering a true digital lending experience from lead to closure and beyond. Loangility improves borrower lead conversion rates by 50% and reduces loan cycle time by 8-10 days.

How does Loangility help?

  1. Reduce Redundancy
    MLO does not need to enter data manually multiple times into different platforms, like CRM, AUS, LOS, etc, Redundancy is reduced manifold.
  1. Have everything available at one go – in one screen
    The MLO needs not switch/shift among multiple screens/interfaces to access CRM, credit, LOS, etc, They can do everything in a single screen – the interface of the app.
  1. Time-saving – Faster Closure
    MLOs are able to reduce closing time by 50% at least – This is possible because of faster and more efficient processing.
  1. Easy Communication
    Since all the borrower interactions can be routed through the app – communication is made convenient, easy, effective and quick.  Borrowers can reach out to the MLO from anywhere, at any time, using any device (mobility).Real-time interactions, queries to MLOs and document sharing/submission between the borrower and the MLO are facilitated through the app, making the overall experience consumer-friendly.
  1. Automated Follow-up
    MLOs are no longer burdened with the task of manually sending notifications or emails to meet their closure targets. Loangility can be configured and customized to manage automated follow-ups.
  1. Integration – Instant Prequalification & Verification
    With ready integrations to credit, MLOs can do instant pre-qualification and can be sure that they are following up with the right borrower prospects.

Some of the integrations of Loangility helping MLOs include

  1. Credit Report Check
    With Loangility right within Salesforce, you can seek joint & Individual credit reports. These can be used to prequalify leads so that you can be sure that your sales are focusing on the right leads.You can automatically move unqualified borrowers to pre-defined drip campaigns so that they can be re-initiated once they are ready.
  1. AUS Integration
    Loangility is integrated with Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter (DU) & Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor (LPA) AUS engines. This helps support complex AUS transactions we well as minimal pre-qualifications runs from right within Salesforce.
  1. Seamless Connectivity
    Loangility offers seamless connectivity with loan officers, processors, underwriters and your borrowers. It offers integrated mobile and digital solutions for all stakeholders. Apart from truly supporting the salesforce community, it offers multiple options for automated and ongoing target marketing.
  1. Product Pricing Engine
    With Loangility, you can finalize your loan estimate, cost & terms with the borrower. By default, this includes title insurance fees, taxes, and recording fees nationwide. You can provide the borrower the correct estimated closing costs during pre-qualification.
  1. Loan Application Module
    Loangility supports both a complete loan application and a short loan application. All of the information can be directly sent to your LOS for processing. Notifications can be provided back to the borrower with the standard salesforce portals and mobile apps.

Apart from this, Loangility offers integrated marketing strategies & increased workflow efficiency. It provides enhanced customer data analysis. It offers opportunities for improved customer relations & cross-selling and upselling.

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Shamit Vohra

Shamit Vohra

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