5 Key Borrower Insights Lenders Need to Care About

By June 28, 2019 November 20th, 2019
5 Key Borrower Insights Lenders Need to Care About

With interest rates stable over the past few months, steady origination volumes are keeping lenders busy. As they try to grab market share, it is important for them to address what borrowers are looking for.

We came across the 2019 Borrower Insights Survey from Ellie Mae® and here are five key insights from the report.

  • Online engagement, an important factor for Borrowers

According to the survey, 50 percent of borrowers responded that they choose their lender based on whether they offered an online application or portal. Borrowers are also demanding more communication with the lenders throughout the loan origination process. Likewise, a majority of borrowers who were not offered online or electronic options from their lenders would have preferred those options.

  • Key deciding factors in favour of the online application process

Among all borrowers, the top three reasons provided for liking the online application process were: quicker time to close (66%), a simpler application process (61%), and information more readily available (54%).

  • Interaction and communication with the lender important for borrowers

Borrowers continue to show a strong desire for more options for interaction and communication with lenders. Direct communication with a lender can be especially important for younger borrowers and those who are applying for a mortgage for the first time. That way they can have their questions answered and feel reassured that the loan process is on track.

  • Reasons for abandoning the online loan application

The survey showed that when borrowers fill out online applications, it is common for them to abandon the process or take multiple sessions to complete it. About one half that has used an online mortgage application finished in one sitting. About one-quarter of those that have used an online mortgage application started the application online but did not finish it.

  • Strategy fine-tuning needed for millennials

As more millennials enter the housing market, it will be imperative for lenders to prioritize the use of all available technologies. With millennial borrowers using an average of more than five different methods of communication throughout the origination process, lenders need to offer a customized approach for each individual borrower.

Thomas Lin

Thomas Lin

Thomas is a Real estate professional with over 25 years of experience in the mortgage banking and financial services sector specializing in client relationship management, business process management and digital technology sales within the mortgage originations and servicing space. He has additional experience in default mortgage servicing and commercial portfolio/asset management. He is a strategic thinker, the performance-driven leader with broad origination and servicing experience, excellent communication skills, and experience in strategic planning.

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